Sometimes, the questions are complex and the answers are simple.

— Theodor Seuss Geisel – author —



One platform. Many solutions.

Context-sensitive information retrieval

The essence at your fingertips: Integrate your existing software and benefit from productive employees, access to the right information, and receive the most important information when you need it.

Data integration and harmonization

Easy data harmonization: Semantic analysis extracts meaning out of data and merges common concepts, cleans up your data and brings it into a common data platform, preventing data loss and data redundancy.

Smart process information portal

Bridge processes and data: Intelligent process information portals provide involved information dynamically and automatically, guiding every step of your knowledge-intensive business processes.

Central information access

Turn raw data into reusable information: Central data access allows you to make critical decisions supported by immediate, directly derived information analysis.

Dynamic data warehousing

Storage that keeps pace with business: Extend your data warehouse by integrating metadata as well as combining structured with unstructured information.

... and much more!

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Imagine this as your next semantic infrastructure

iQser's GIN Server is a semantic middleware solution acting as either a core component or an extension of your IT infrastructure. Its unique combination of advanced semantic analytics and highly scalable technology enables a highly performant platform for data integration, data analysis and event processing.

  • Our unique analytics are based on an ingenial combination of epistemologic, linguistic, and semantic theories, allowing it to overcome conventional semantic shortcomings.
  • Our robust platform is built on Hadoop, Cassandra and ElasticSearch, optimized from ground up to meet the intense requirements of web-scale big data situations.
  • Our flexible architecture allows seamless integration with all your present and future application systems, providing you with long-term investment protection.

What makes iQser unique?

Data integration from the ground up  

Even when you don't have an overview of your data, GIN Server automatically derives a generic data model (Uniform Information Model) from your data. Domain-independent analysis allows a correct, precise derivation of even the most technical information.

Incremental and fully automatic semantic analysis

Up-to-date results are guaranteed thanks to incremental graph updates which do not require a complete recalculation of semantic relations.

Performant, scalable analytics

Fully scalable analysis runtime and server maintenance.

Weighted, reasoned content relations

Two-stage concept derivation creates a correct, dynamic vocabulary graph. This allows important objects and content to be distinguished from unimportant objects and content.

Self-optimizing system

Result relevance is adapted dynamically to consider user interaction patterns.

Language-independent semantic analysis without data modeling 

Fully automatic semantic analysis of all integrated data - without any requirements for training, rule definition, ontology modeling, or other knowledge formalization procedures.

Extensible platform

Modular platform which may be extended with additional data sources, analysis modules, and event management modules to enable diverse applications.


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